BAU Messe 2015

Every two years, a very important event regarding the construction sector of architecture takes place in Munich, the BAU Messe – world’s leading trade fair for architecture, building and systems. Companies from all over the world expose their products and materials directly to the costumers. They share innovation, possibilities, tools and culture.

The collaborative project between UT Austin and TU München for the Solar Decathlon 2015, succeeded in becoming one of the exhibitors of the BAU 2015 edition. During six days, from 19th to 24th of January, the Munich Team had the possibility to directly bring their design to a real “arena” of specialists. Thanks a lot to Messe Muenchen GmbH for their support, especially Mirko Arend, Deputy Director of Business Unit 4 and Johannes Manger, Project PR Referent.

One of the main goals of this experience was finding supporters and sponsors that can help Team Nexushaus prefabricate the house in the following months in Austin. Additionally, the students had an unrepeatable chance to discuss their ideas and technological details directly with specialists of every product and receive feedback regarding how the design is performing at this crucial point.

Invaluable for the students, was having a relevant occasion to expose and present their project to a wide range of up to 240,000 visitors. The public is the primary jury you can have for a house in the U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon competition, since the public is what it is designed for. Having their first impressions revealed and helped the TU München participators start to build strategies of representation of their concept to the final jury during the competition, which takes place in Irvine, California in October 2015.

Now the Munich part of the team is getting ready to go to Austin and join the rest of the participants to start building the Nexuhaus. Excitement can be felt from both sides, since after long efforts, currently the phase of making it real has come.

Photographs by Eneida Lila and Bruna Ferramenta


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