Happy Thanksgiving y’all

As an architecture student, presentation skills are what can sway a critic one way or another on your review. As an architect, your presentation skills can determine if you get a new client or not. Ultimately, presentation and communication skills are of upmost importance in selling a great project. This is why our Climate Walks professor, Petra Liedl, called in an expert, Barbara Greese. Barbara is a professional trainer in public speaking, and voice and speech skills. Throughout the day, presentations were coupled so that teams of two students would critique one another in addition to hearing criticisms from Barbara and Petra.

At the end of the day, all teams reconvened to discuss the process of improving our communication skills. We all, unanimously, raved the workshop and Barbara herself. There were skills I never heard of and were so useful, making a big difference and marking a positive impact on the presentation and myself. There were a number of skills we each listed that will be used in our near future—limitless presentations to come, near and far.

After presentations, our wonderful professor Petra Liedl treated us to a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner with the entire studio. More below!

We are thankful for new friends, new experiences, and new memories which are all things this semester in Munich has brought. We are thankful for our families for the support they gave us when we decided to come for a semester abroad. Thank you, Petra Liedl for all the help you’ve provided in the past 4 months, the trips you’ve organized, and the people you’ve introduced us to. Thank you, Werner Lang and Simone Salfner for also being amazing leaders and making our semester at TUM an unforgettable one. Last but not least, we are thankful for having such a great team working on an amazing project and we look forward to another year of working together towards the completion of nexushaus.

Our little family got together on Thursday evening for our own Thanksgiving feast, where we each cooked our favorite thanksgiving dishes that remind us of home. It was a great night, where we all had too much to eat (as it should be), and the room was filled with laughs and good music. Thank you team for such a delicious Potluck!

Text by Andrea Tosi and Photographs by Alison Steele & Andrea Tosi


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