Design. Model. Implement.

Design. Model. Implement. This week in Munich, the team focused on production. Taking the knowledge and experience gained from our weekly excursions, we pushed through and continued further development of our project. After a couple of critiques from experts during our review, we feel we are headed in the right direction.

Because we intensely focused on production, we’ve probably solidified more design decisions this past week than we have in the past two months. Part of this came as a result of really learning how to work as a team. Communication in a multidisciplinary team is a must – and to learn this proved to be a great challenge. Teamwork was another great lesson. Leaders of teams are important to facilitate communication, but so are the students/skilled designers the leaders are overseeing.

At the end of this week, one thing is clear: despite minor hurdles, we are all greatly motivated to win.

Text and Photographs by Julia Park


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