This past week, our team had the privilege to visit the BMW Welt and its manufacturing plant on a very extensive tour explaining the store front car models and behind the scenes production of the car models. Upon entering the BMW plant one could see that the process of building one of the world’s leading automobile required very precise integration between all areas of study. The BMW plant located on the North side of Munich functioned like clockwork, with an assembly line that received and processed portions of the automobiles perfectly and not a second early or late. It was amazing to hear and see how a car went from being ordered by a customer (months in advance) to when the individually picked paint was applied and up until the final hand over in the BMW Welt was made. It was less of a process and more of a melodic symphony.

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The longer we were in the BMW assembly plant the better I understood that the reason the company functioned so well was not some magical reason or special ingredient added to the car, but that the entire process was so efficient in every single aspect. I then concluded that for any team, whether building a car or an award winning sustainable home, there needed to be a clear understanding of the process and a drive for quality in every step (pun intended). BMW’s process took years to coordinate and establish, but it was the team of dedicated individuals who brought it to life. The car, like our home, needs everyone in the team to be the ultimate preforming product. Visiting the plant was an eye opening experience not only for its world leading engineering advances but also for a view into the magnificent potential of a perfectly functioning team. I can assure that Nexushaus’ architects and engineers is on its way to becoming that finely tuned team needed to win.

Written by Ariel Padilla, photos by Michael Rahmatoulin


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